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Building a custom home means building a home designed specifically for your family, needs and your budget. Building with Gray Family Homes means taking advantage of over 30 years of experience building esteem level homes in Tampa.

Esteem Level Homes

Our homes are show pieces, designed to fit the needs of your family and to give you that tingly feeling when you pull into the driveway. Any builder can make a small house bigger. It takes experience, and quite honestly a few mistakes from which to learn, to build an esteem level home. Experience counts, and with a prime piece of land, you can’t afford to make a mistake.

By focusing solely on esteem level homes, we are specialists in the challenges specific to large-home construction. Our homes aren’t just larger. We use advanced wiring and home control technology to keep the home efficient and convenient, advanced plumbing techniques to account for longer distances, and many more design and construction procedures to keep all aspects of our homes in scale. It’s not magic, just years of experience building at the highest level.

A Gray Home is a quiet, energy efficient home. Insulated windows, tank-less hot waters heaters, Energy Star appliances and heavily insulated walls and ceilings are standard practices in all Gray Family Homes. Gray Family Homes is a certified Green Builder by the National Association of Home Builders.

Custom Home, Custom Experience

We rarely, if ever, build the same home twice. Our clients tend to find us because they needed something a little different – a fifth bedroom, a four-car garage or just more options than Floorplan A, B or C.

Whether we’re starting from a sketch on the back of a napkin or customizing an existing home, we can help you design the home you’ve been searching for.
Bring your own set of plans, or work with our designer to draw up your home – we’ll help you make the right decisions to make the design process simple and get your home completed so you can enjoy your Gray-cious lifestyle.

Just as our clients’ design varies based on their needs and budget, their level of involvement in the process varies as well. Whether you want to choose from every lighting store in town, or let our designers make some of those decisions for you, we’ll customize your selection experience right along with the rest of the house. Our process is as customized to our clients wishes as the homes we build.

Real Life Design

We design homes as if we plan to move in ourselves. That means abundant closet space, accessible attic space, private bathrooms and even our famous basement homes when possible. 18 foot wide garage doors are standard on all of our homes, compared to 16 foot doors on any production home. If you can’t pull in both SUVs, they really can’t call it a two-car garage. We’ve never had a customer with too much storage space, too many bathrooms or too big a closet.

If the design calls for a pantry too far from the garage (groceries!), is missing a pool bath, or shows the kid’s playroom too close to the mother-in-law suite, we’ll let you know and help make the changes necessary on paper before it’s an expensive change during construction.

In addition to the practical design elements, tiered theater seating, built-in tree houses in the kid’s room, hidden study doors, drawbridge access to the daughter’s playroom… we love to get creative.
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